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Each graphic to the right represents a different video production.

By clicking on each graphic a Quicktime movie will load with a sample from the video.


Vancouver Real Estate Board President's Awards

Motion graphics compositing for real estate agent awards - 7 minute , three screen production, with graphics flowing from one screen to the other. Click image above for sample. (Quicktime movie - 4.2 Mb)

Metrin Scientific Skin Care Information and Process Video

The 12 minute video included a motion graphics intro, demonstrations of men's and women's product lines, incorporation of 3D spinning bottles, and a custom recorded voiceover.

Click image to the left for sample. (Quicktime movie - 5 Mb)

CSEME Video Advertising Duocom Services on Vertical Plasma

This one minute looping video was presented on a vertical plasma display at the Canadian Special Events and Meetings Expo to advertise Duocom's Audio Visual Services and Creative Services. A fairly simple animation allows the text information to be the central message.

Click image to left for sample. (Quicktime movie - 2.4 Mb)

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